Investimento Florestal Mozambique (IFM)

IFM has secured 50-year leases for 10 000 ha of land in Sofala and Manica provinces in the central region of Mozambique, close to the port of Beira where the Mozfibra export facility has been developed.

The selection of these sites for greenfield plantation development follows extensive research by the IFM team. The sites are located no further than 200 kms by road from Beira, and have deep soils and high average rainfall, with forecasted MAIs above 20 tons/ha.

Extensive trials have been planted on the MTF farms to determine the best species and clones for local conditions. These include mainly Grandis x Urophylla crosses. Phase One of the project involved planting 6 300 ha of Eucalyptus which is spread across farms in Manica and Sofala provinces. Phase one was be completed at the end of June 2021.

IFM is committed to social upliftment and currently employs close to 1000 people and participates directly in many local social responsibility projects. IFM also values seedling quality of our planting stock and has a well-established seedling nursery which produces high quality Eucalyptus seedlings for own operations as well as the budding, local, tree farming community.